Which Are The Best Inspirational Movies That Teens Must See?

Which Are The Best Inspirational Movies That Teens Must See?

Are you someone who prefers to watch movies that are inspirational or have a deep message in it? Then in such cases, you must surely watch ManmathaLeelai, PayanigalGavanikkavum and maamanithan. Then movies are hit movies and have great inspiring stories as the plot of the movie.

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The plot of ManmathaLeelai

The movie ManmathaLeelai is the perfect representation of how one wrong decision can change the entire course of your life. The movie is about a boy named Satya. How one single decision that Satya takes can affect two timelines of his life. Watch the movie to learn further.

This is a great movie to watch with your special one. Apart from having a unique storyline, the movie has also been excellently directed.


Plot of PayanigalGavanikkavum

The movie PayanigalGavanikkavum is about an unhappy rickshaw driver. The rickshaw driver is unhappy with his economic situation. Further into the story, it is noticed that the couple try to part their relationship and any misunderstanding between them.

Now, as they plan to separate, what are the questions that are followed in their relationship? Watch the movie PayanigalGavanikkavum to know what happens next in the plot and how the couple deal with the tricky situation.


Plot of maamanithan

The story of the movie maamanithan is about an auto driver who is hell-bent on improving the standard of basic education for his children. What is the next call of action that he takes to make this happen? Stream this movie on Aha to learn more.

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